4 Top Things Patients With MS Should Avoid.

4 Top Things Patients With MS Should Avoid.


Multiple Sclerosis is one of the most common diseases that affect the central nervous system. This demyelinating illness literally makes the body turn on itself by attacking the substance that coats and insulates nerves. People with MS may experience pain in the back of their eyes or while they are performing some eye movements since optic nerves are commonly affected. Other symptoms also include tremors while doing precise movements with their hands or limbs, muscular cramps, difficulty walking, paralysis, rigidity, weakness, muscle spasms, overacting reflexes, vertigo, fatigue, heat intolerance, reduced sensation of touch and many more that may affect things like mood, speech, and even sexual performance.

Here in Joe Cosgrove’s Blog, we have talked plenty about how it presents itself and analyze some of the most common symptoms deeply, but today we want to mention some of the most common mistakes patients make while living with the disease or some of the most popular recommendations given by physicians that are helping them with treatment.

Not opening up about their condition.

It is common for people with multiple sclerosis to be in denial about their illness and deal with the news by completely ignoring it and pretending that if they do not pay attention, it will go away. It is extremely important to be accepting of your condition because that will help you find the help you need soon enough for treatment to be the most effective. Yes, treatment. People know that multiple sclerosis is not curable, but it can be treated successfully and make it a lot more manageable. It is difficult to talk about symptoms and signs when some of them are so intimate and personal like when it has to do with sexual issues for example, but talking about this with your doctor is what will give them the chance to diagnose you as early as possible; something that in the long run can make all the difference.

Stop exercising.

Since multiple sclerosis affects muscle functions and motor skills, it is very common for patients to think they should avoid exercising or feel that they have to stop doing it because their athletic performance is not the same a before. It has been proven that exercise is actually a great way to help your body deal with some of the worst symptoms of MS like paralysis and muscle cramping. What patients have to keep in mind is the fact that there is not a single exercise routine that doctors and other health professionals will recommend them if they have multiple sclerosis, but instead they have to try programs that they find comfortable with and that they are to complete without causing any injuries or making their symptoms worse. Exercise is great for those with MS, but they have to tailor their routines to their specific needs and keep in mind that not everyone reacts to physical activity in the same way.

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Avoiding stress management.

Patients often forgo taking care of their physiological needs in lieu of the physical illness. Multiple sclerosis can be as unpredictable as it is difficult to manage in some cases, so you have to prepare to deal with a great deal of physiological pressure and stress-inducing factors. Sometimes there are things that patients do that enhance stress even more, like for example cutting themselves off from some personal and family relationships. Social withdrawal is common amongst those with multiple sclerosis but it should be the norm, as the value of a personal support networks is extremely invaluable. Great practices to help you with stress management include meetings with other fellow patients and counselors that are familiar with MS and what you are going through. You can also try yoga classes, exercise groups or even learning a new hobby or skill you always wanted to take up.

Not eating properly.

While there is no such things as a “Multiple Sclerosis Diet” there are some foods that are good for you while there are other things that you should probably avoid in order to help your body receive the necessary nutrients to be strong and healthy. An example of food you should avoid is anything that has a high content of saturated fats, such as red meat and whole dairy products. The problem with saturated fats is that they put you at a higher risk for heart failure and stroke, something that is already risky if you have multiple sclerosis, so this type of diet is just something that will increase risks that you already have. Other foods to stay from are sweets and anything with a high content of sugar. Sugar in excess can help you gain weight and increase your chances of developing diabetes. Increasing your weight is going to make your daily activities even more difficult and seriously decrease your quality of life with multiple sclerosis. Include foods like vegetables and fruits in your diets and anything that is natural and healthy in general.  

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