Kidney disease and celebrities: a tough story worth knowing about

Kidney disease and celebrities: a tough story worth knowing about


Sometimes when we look at celebrities we think of them as demigods who never get sick. Most people in the world admires these public characters and wish to meet them at some point. However, celebrities, just as the rest of humans, also get sick.

One of the most common conditions celebrities could have is kidney related diseases. In fact, there are many celebrities who have needed to go under kidney treatment thanks to this kind of conditions.

Some of the celebrities on this list include the modern family star Sarah Hyland, the actor and singer Nick Cannon, the basketball player Sean Elliott, and many more stars. Each one of these people have had to deal with kidney diseases under many different circumstances.

In this article, Joe Cosgrove will talk about some of these celebrities and the different types of kidney related diseases they had to deal with.

Sarah Hyland

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The TV show Moderns family is probably one of the most viewed sitcoms that have been aired during the past five years. Each character of this show has a unique personality that has made them iconic and fun.

One of the most important characters of this TV show is Haley Dunphy, the shallow and at the same time the clever daughter of Phil and Claire. This character is played by Sarah Hyland, who in real life has had to live harder situations that on the TV screen.

A few years ago Sarah started battling with kidney dysplasia. This disease takes place since the baby is inside the mother’s womb. Here, the baby’s kidneys fail to develop properly, causing them to not be able to eliminate urine as they should. In time, cysts start to form due to the kidneys’ malfunction, replacing good kidney tissue and eventually becoming lethal to patients.

By the year 2012, Sarah Hyland couldn’t deal with her kidney dysplasia anymore. She was suffering in between shots of the TV show and her life had become a living hell. The only solution for her was to have a kidney transplant at the age of 26.

Ever since Sarah went under this procedure, her life and habits had to change dramatically. Doctors forbid her to practice any sports and her diet and habits needed to be modified as well. This represented some difficulties to her since she loved to exercise and be strong. Also, her body weight became impossible to control due to all these changes, leading her to gain some extra pounds –which fans noted right away.

Her fight to have a normal life has been very special. Nonetheless, she has refused to make it public, since she prefers to deal with all this situation in private.

Nick Cannon

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Apparently, 2012 was hard for more than one star in terms of kidney health. In January of this year, Nick needed to be hospitalized due to kidney failure. During his time at the hospital, he found out that his kidneys were affected by a disease called lupus nephritis.

Lupus nephritis is an illness derived from the autoimmune disease called lupus. It causes kidneys to swollen and stops functioning normally. As a matter of fact, more than half lupus patients who suffer from lupus will eventually develop nephritis.

At the age of 35, Nick Cannon needed to give himself a break from his career and start focusing on his health. Tanks to lupus and his kidney problem, the young actor faced some real health problems. His lungs were affected by blood clots and his body suffered thanks to other effects related to lupus.

Ever since he found out about his kidney problems and lupus, he started to raise awareness about both conditions. His goal became to let everyone know that this could happen to anyone and not because he is a celebrity he is not exempt from being sick.

He claims to be healthier now than he was before because kidney disease and lupus made him realize that he needed to change his habits.

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Sean Elliott

At the end of the 90’s, the famous basketball player Sean Elliott found out that he needed to undergo a kidney transplant. The 31 years old athlete suffered from kidney failure when he was at the top of his game.

The process wasn’t easy. Elliot needed to wait for almost a month to find a matching donor. Also, doctors predicted that he wouldn’t be able to go back to practicing and major sport after the surgery. However, as strong-minded, as usual, seven months after having his kidney transplant, Elliott became the first professional basketball player in history to make a successful comeback to the NBA.

This way, Sean Elliott became a star in the hall of fame for being able to recover from kidney failure thanks to a transplant and successfully be back on track. His motivation was to become inspirational to others and apparently, he also succeeded in that.

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